Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Thankful Heart

Tonight bedtime came a little later than usual. And I was a little more tired than usual. And longing for my own hot bath and Z pack dose and soft comfy bed. And after the amens were said and I was just seconds away from ending a long day Noah asks me...."Who is going to lay with me for just a minute???" I stopped just short of saying no. I almost turned him down. Seriously. My heart went straight to the vision of 20 mothers in Newtown who would give anything to lay down at bedtime just one more time with their little ones. My brain asked itself..."How many more times will he ask?" So I delayed my own selfish desires a few more minutes to wrap my arms around my growing boy and hear a little more about his day and to kiss his little forehead one more time. And I teared up a little bit. And I thanked God for my Noah.

Later I logged onto Facebook for a daily check on what my friends are up to. I should just call them and ask or you know actually arrange face time with them. My precious friend Grace recently brought her daughter home from Africa and their beautiful story of adoption and homecoming was captured by another friend and talented photographer Lindsey Smith. She made a slide show of airport images that I can't begin to describe. So beautiful. If I could figure out how to link it I would. But instead here is a link to the story on Grace's blog Grace Not Wasted.  My heart is so thankful for this family and their openness and willingness to share God's love and blessings.

And then a few short scrolls later I was touched by the images of another photographer  Alyson. Aly is the sister of my best friend Laura's husband John. Confused? Well Alyson took Laura's sister's wedding pictures back in November and just did a phenomenal job. Her work is always beautiful because I think it is a reflection of her heart. And her heart always holds so much joy for her clients. The post that caught my eye was of her top photo moments of 2012. She had me crying over people's pictures I have never met. But then there was the face of my sweet friend who was seeing her sister the bride. Her love and pride just beaming. What a precious precious moment. And I was thankful to have been a witness to that day and special wedding and was reminded again of what a loving family who so many times makes me one of their own.

Today my heart needed to be reminded of thankfulness....and of all the love, warmth and blessing all around me. It is easy to get caught up in stress and comparisons and to do lists this time of year. My heart gets swallowed sometimes by all the things of the world and of daily life. I am thankful for the moments that bring it back to life. The request of a child, colorless love of an expanding family and love on the face of a friend captured in time. Thank you Father for always bringing me back to what is true and what is good. And for reminding me what we are here for. To love. Each other.

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