Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Whining

Whining is the bane of a mother's existence. And it has been the theme of my summer. My boys are precious. And loving. And energetic. And creative and imaginative. They can be joyful. And they sure can whine. I try to tell myself that it is a stage. But my parents called me and my two sisters the Whiner Sisters. And I was the President. Adam thinks this was a joke. Yeah, it was a "joke". I have apologized to my parents just recently. I remember thinking to my teenage self that it was an accomplishment to be proficient at whining and needling to get what I wanted. How disgusting. And then I start thinking about unconditional love. Unconditional love. Doesn't it just blow you away? I look at the adorable face of my four year old who did not say thank you for that extra pack of gummies at snack who is now complaining about getting water to drink instead of juice and why does he have to take a nap and why can't he play and not pick up his toys and why can't I just pick up his mess and I think about how much I love him. Yes, I want to tuck him in for a good three hour nap and have some time just to think without a whining interruption but more than that I love him. I love him too much to pick up his mess or give yet more juice to drink. The times when I don't reflect on this love I snap a short "because I said so answer" and react out of impatience. And sadly these times probably outnumber the love reactions if I am being honest. The other night I was laying in bed praying and found the President whining to Jesus. Whining to Jesus. Wow. I stopped short and was taking to the earlier scene in the kitchen. And I marveled at Christ's unconditional love for me. His whining wayward daughter. In her three bedroom house, full stomach, two cars, secure jobs, closet of clothes, sleeping precious and healthy children asleep on the other side of the house. I laid there ashamed of my ungratefulness. How easily I forget in all my wanting of big I am blessed. And how grateful am I that the Lord does not snap at me with impatience?? He has perfect patience. And even more amazing...He wants to fill me with His amazing patience. Just to react in kindness to my beautiful sons in the everyday moments.


dad said...

Oh, if we could only love like him. If we could only learn contentment this side of Heaven. Our days and lives would flow much more easily and we could have the patience to deal with those whining around us.

Beth Goff said...

So well written!! That is kind of how I felt this week! And its so glad to know that I am not alone :) I love my kids so much it hurts but sometimes I want earplugs :)

Mom said...

:-) You're getting it! Praying to be more patient? Patience comes to a grateful heart. "Thank YOU for all the opportunities You give each day to practice what I so want to be proficient at. Gratitude for all the moments that You are with me in the mess and the noise, and yes, even in the whining. Thank You for NOW, because that is where You are."
I couldn't help but smile, Carrie, as I read this blog entry. How many times have you had the thought "it's a good thing you're so cute" running through your head this summer? Sound familiar?
Maybe your new position can be president of the Praise committee?
Love you so!rtryle 122