Monday, August 27, 2012

The Picture Taking

The past several months I have had this inkling desire to branch out in my picture taking. As in maybe take pictures of other people's children. We live on a budget. A budget that doesn't always allow for sassy gameday outfits and fall riding boots. Which are two of desires at the moment. In a few weeks I am heading to Auburn for a college reunion with some of my favorite girls. And we are actually going to a game! And I'd love to have an outfit that I bought in the current year :) I digress.... people have encouraged me to start offering my photography services to others to help earn a little extra cash for things like riding boots. I am not a professional nor am I planning to be one. I won't be starting a website anytime soon. But I know that there have been times where I would have loved some pictures of our family but we couldn't really afford a two hundred dollar sitting fee and more for pictures. One Saturday a month I will go at a location in Birmingham and in Tuscaloosa. Sessions will be thirty to forty five minutes and I will give a CD with ten to twenty edited images for fifty dollars. A longer session or more images would be available for a higher fee. Have I lost my mind? Or do you think there are people who this would fit their needs? If you are one of them or no someone who would be interested let me know. Email me at


Robin said...

I know tons of mommies who started taking pictures of their own little ones and found they had both a talent and a love of photography. Most of them offer mini-sessions that are ridiculously popular. They are wonderful for families on a budget AND for families with toddlers who have zippo attention span. You would do an amazing job! I see Paper Happies and Photo Happies living well together!

Shea said...

I'm in! Would love to get some cute pictures of my third precious little non-photographed child! ;) And would love to support your desire for some riding boots! My grandmother gave me a gift card yesterday, and I think that's exactly what I'm going to get because who needs a practical purchase!! Also, I may be able to drum up some more business for ya!

Mom said...

I'd hire you...if you didn't already take lots of wonderful pictures of my grandchildren already!
You are definately ready for this, Carrie!