Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 2nd Birthday Party

Miller loved his beach party. He was asleep for the first few minutes and took a little bit to warm up but  he enjoyed seeing all his people. Adam and I are so blessed by the friendship and love that surrounds our family! 
Puddin' in his festive attire. 

Mimi trying to pump up the birthday boy!

Cade enjoying some cheese puffs. 

Papa in his festive wear

Nick and Xander chalking it up. 

Tessa making those cheese puffs look good. I think your party is guaranteed to be a success to the kids if you have cheese puffs. 

Miller's big present from Nana, Puddin', Mimi, and Papa.  Loves it! 

Cade and Miller. 

The birthday boy and his cute beach ball shirt! 

Miller also enjoyed some cheese puffs. 

Happy Birthday Sweet boy! 

Miller had his eyes on that prize! 



Xander enjoys the cupcakes

Playing at the beach! 

One cool birthday dude! 

My sweet neighbor Mary Wilkes. Couldn't resist snapping a few of her in such pretty lighting! 

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