Monday, June 4, 2012

The First Haircut

I have got to stop cutting my children's hair. Really. But then the mood just over takes me and Bam! There I am with scissors. And their hair is cut and I am sad. But they can see. Today was Miller's very first encounter with scissors. I had been feeling really bad about giving him a trim myself because for Noah we took him to a cute kid's only shop and have a Polaroid and lock of hair. Poor Miller. Totally the second child. My mom encouraged me to just do it. He's a boy and he won't care in thirty years about a photo and lock of hair (FYI last lime I checked my dad still had my hair from my first haircut in his desk. ). At least I took some pictures. And it does look a bit better than before. As this comparison shot will show.
Show me your hair cut! 

Last week. Things were getting out of control. Several people told  me he was a pretty girl. 


Anonymous said...

He looks neat and cute in the pics. Hard to mess up that smile.Take advantage of these easy cut days, one day he'll actually care.
Miller, Nana loves you.

Papa said...

If he tilts his head just right it looks great and straight.