Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Cousins and the Zoo

Mimi took the cousins to the zoo. It was a fun,hot day. But I love the zoo. A lot. I probably had the most fun of us all. 
Miller really took notice of the animals this trip. He really like the seals! 

Lillie and Jenny! 

Noah taking it in.

Mimi and the boys. Looking at the alligator. 

Noah got to hold an elephant tooth. 

Xander was super helpful. 

Giraffe to play with at the new giraffe encounter. 

Miller was talking to one of the elephants.  They might be his favorite animal. at least from far away. When we were closer to one he was trembling. Poor buddy. 

Eventually everyone took a ride. 

A carousel ride. 

And then the splash pad! 

Am I too old for this bathing suit? 

Xander had so much fun he would put his face in the spray. 

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