Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Artists

Yesterday was the first full day of summer at our house. The boys had been going half days to school while I got things done around the house. The weather in our neck of the woods was just about perfect. We had a great day getting our summer membership to CHOM and visiting a new little yogurt place. We even had lunch at our fave.... Chick a lay. After naps I was feeling brave and pulled out our easel. And of course the camera to capture my little artists.

Miller did a lot of handprint art at school this year. The paint went straight to his hand.  He mastered that skill. 

Then it went on the grass. His hair. Hid clothes. My leg. My clothes. Lesson learned.... Miller not ready.

Noah was super serious about his art. 

He was excited when his masterpiece was complete. So much so he did a little dance! 

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Anonymous said...

Love Noah's dance!! You are a brave Mom!
Love You All!