Monday, April 30, 2012

The Prize Man

Noah has a sweet habit of giving his friends and us presents or prizes. Usually a car wrapped in some paper he has colored on. He is constantly asking to deliver these presents to our neighbors. When we asked him about all this giving he sweetly replied "because I'm the prize man!". We recently decided to encourage this budding giving heart and encourage him to give to those in need. At the grocery store he picked out all sorts of food and baby items to take to the local food bank. His kindness touches me. I pray that Adam and I can continue to find ways to encourage him. Our little prize man.

 Every night this week Noah has set out two tool boxes for "the pretend Easter Bunny" to come and leave prizes. He comes even when you are bad I was told. The cute thing is that every night he puts in the rocks we used in his Easter baskets to represent the sin Jesus took away with His death on the cross.
 Noah is all about gum these days. My car is just slightly messy (understatement) and he found a back under his seat. Every time he gets in he grabs a piece and just chomps chomps away. It is cute yet annoying all wrapped into one.
 Noah and I do summer school. He is excited about what we will learn about this summer. Tonight he told me he wants to learn all about snakes. Coral snakes, king snakes, and bo stricters (boa constrictors). Why can't we just stick to cars and farm week?
I love four. It is such a great age! I enjoy about 95% of it....

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Anonymous said...

He is amazing!! Snakes are fun to learn about, I'm just not fond of up close and personal. Have fun!!
Love, Nana