Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Most of Me

Sometimes you have a day or a week where you are just humbled. Humbled that God picked you to be these children's mother.

Humbled that He felt you could handle this job, influence this person, love on these students. By the beauty in the world he created. I am so humbled that He uses me as his vessel. I am humbled that He is constantly remolding and reshaping me. That He makes the most of me. I an grateful for the kind of day that reminds you just why He placed you where He did.

I can feel your mystery moving in my hands and feet.

Leading me through disbelief, finding strength when I feel weak.

You make the most of me.

When I don't have the words you will be my voice.

When I don't understand I will still rejoice.

You make the most of me.
-Marie Miller

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