Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Aunt

Last week my Aunt Nita passed away. She is in heaven with loved ones gone before her and her Savior. My Aunt Nita was loud and in charge. And oh how she loved her family!! She was always telling stories about the great things her children and grandchildren were doing. In fact I do not have one memory of her without such a story. She told you how it was. And I think she must have known everyone in the FL panhandle. Her marriage to my uncle fell a couple of months short of fifty years. It was a beautiful relationship of commitment and service. Their love walked out the promise of "no matter what". And I look towards it as an example and for strength. She loved her family well and my cousins all knew the fierce love of their mother. My heart breaks for them. I was not able to attend her funeral because of State Graduation Exams. And I hate to have missed the celebration of her life and all her children, family and friends telling stories of all the great things she did. I look forward to hearing more of her stories in heaven!


Mom said...

Nita was a woman who loved BIG. I bet everyone at her funeral know she loved them. I am also sure there were people, like committed teachers, who were unable to be at the funeral, who knew she loved them.
"That Carrie...she sure looked just like Timmy did when he was little. She is such a special person. I know you are both proud so proud of her."

Dad said...

I am sure she understands and loves you just as much as always and is proud that you do such a good job as a teacher