Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Noah Post

This is just in case the grandmothers felt that the last posts were Miller heavy. I think lately Noah feels like life is Miller heavy. He loves to copy Miller. And talk and walk like a baby. Especially in moments where Miller is doing things he is getting in trouble for. In these moments in exasperation I say, "You are four!" Today I got to to spend some time holding Noah and talk about how when he was Miller's age he was the only child. And he had all of our attention. I told him stories and showed pictures. I hope he soaks in how much we love him. Even though he isn't a baby any more. He sure is still adorable.

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Mom said...

Yes! He IS adorable. 4 years old is still very, very little. When you were 4 you knocked on our bedroom door every night at 2 am....for 6months....worried about that baby sister that was on the way....would we still love you.....would there still be room "in the middle"? You were so very, very little.....and adorable......Still are adorable....