Monday, February 20, 2012

The Birthday Weekend

This past Friday I turned thirty-one. I had a wonderful weekend! A couple of students surprised me in incredibly touching ways by bring a sweet present and cupcakes. It was a completely unexpected surprise. Then Adam and I went with our parents to dinner and to see Wicked. Which was amazing. Loved it! Then back to my parents for amazing cake from Dreamcakes.

Delicious! Saturday Mom and I took Miller, Noah and Xander to the zoo for just a little bit.

Then my Dad and I went to lunch alone to celebrate his birthday. That afternoon my parents and I went shopping! Sunday was a great combination of good worship and lazy rest. I spent it watching Downton Abbey Season One. Hooked. Today the boys and I were off. Mom, Xander, Jenny and Lillie came and ate lunch with us. It is always great to watch the little cousins play. It was a perfect weekend and I am reminded how blessed I am. And how loved I am.

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