Monday, October 24, 2011

The Teaching

Posts have been very few this month. One reason is school. School is extremely stressful this year. Not in the ways it has been in the past from a management or despair standpoint but from pressure. We are deep into the process of failing to make AYP for several years in a row. This has lead to lots of extra documentation and accountability and LOTS of data collection, documentation and analysis. All good things for our kids. But all very time consuming. At eye opening. We just recently gave our kids a reading assessment and the results were staggering. Staggering. No wonder the act up and won't do classwork. My heart breaks over it. And I decided to take an online course to better understand some reading strategies to help. I am also on some great committees designed to help the morale and organization at Bryant. Every month we put together a social for the staff and faculty. Last month it was a BBQ tailgate. Noah had a good time.

God has really changed my heart about my work. There has honestly not been one day yet where I have dreaded going to work. He has blessed me with several opportunities to minister and love on my kids. I don't want to share too many stories since this is a public blog but there are two moments so far this fall that I will remember and cherish always. Where for just one minute I was able to minister and love and comfort students, touching them with God's love in a way I am certain impacted them.Just by taking the time to let them know that even though things are rough someone loves them. It blessed me just as much. Sometimes He lets me see the long lasting impact of loving on these kids like this weekend I got a random phone call at ten o'clock. It was a student from last year who lost his mom and two weeks later his apartment in a fire. He still comes by and hugs me everyday. He was calling from the hospital. His sister just had a baby. He had become an uncle and I was the person he wanted to call. God has me right where he wants me. It may be stressful. It may not be fun. But its rewards are great.


LB said...

Carrie, it brought tears to my eyes that the student wanted to call you to tell you about his niece. That is so great, and I would think makes your job so worth it. (And it reminds me of how much I miss my old job--it was so much like where you are)

Dad said...

He calls us to do His will and be His Face to the world - like Jim Pinto says, he wants people to see the Face of Jesus when they look at him and God wants that for all of us.
You keep on doing that. Loving is risky, but God's love is worth it. You are a light and the Face of God in that place. I am so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful Carrie! This is the part of the job and the reason that we all went into teaching. It thrills my soul that you are happier in your job these days. This is a tough career and most days it's all about everything but teaching. Thanks for the story. I try to remember that God inhabits praise!
Love, Sandra