Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Obituaries

Adam will probably kill me for this but here it goes (but a wife has to brag sometimes, right?):

In April the tornado that ripped apart life for many in Tuscaloosa killed 44 people here. The Tuscaloosa News decided to write an obituary for each of the victims. They split them up between several reporters and Adam volunteered to take all the children. He thought that perhaps a father's perspective would lend some tenderness to the stories.

Over the past several months Adam has been working hard on writing the stories of these families. It has been hard and the stories he tells me about the interviews have been heartbreaking. But his products have been beautiful tributes to these victims who lost their lives. They have been reminders to all of who have been able to move on lamenting the loss of a few stores that our loss and disruption are small in the wake of the storm. It makes us thankful for our loved ones and their safety. It reminds us that recovery is a long painful process. And that there are those who still need our help.

One of the things about this undertaking that touches me the most is that Adam takes a copy of the paper to the family who he interviewed. I love that man so much. He thinks of the small and big things. I am so proud of his work and his part that he plays in the recovery of our city.

Here is the link to one of the latest stories:


Caroline Hester said...

Carrie, that is so sweet! Adam is wonderful and you are so lucky to have such a Godly, caring man... But I know that you know that!!!

taylor said...

Wow- I really can't imagine "living" in those stories for so many months. He is a brave and giving man and what a touching article!!

Anonymous said...

We love you Adam! You make us proud everyday.
Mom & Dad