Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Night Run

I am not the most physically active person. Growing up I enjoyed playing and being outside. But I did not enjoy any kind of sport where I might get a ball thrown at my face. My athletic career consisted of two years of basketball at HMS (only because I was one of the tallest eighth graders), one year of softball,and one season of pledge intramural flag football. I did dance for about nine years. As a ballerina. But I wasn't that good.

I felt really convicted this spring about my health. I often complain about my weight and my body. Yet I never do anything about it. And the nurses voice rings in my head from my Gestational Diabetes diagnosis ...that I will be 20% more likely to develop Type II Diabetes. Unless I make exercise a part of my life. So I decided I no right to "sit still" and complain. In March I joined Planet Fitness. No commitment, 10 bucks a month, nothing fancy gym. I got pretty regular with my treadmill date at 5:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. But then I got a bad head cold and a tornado came and took away my gym. I was right back where I started. Still.

This summer I decided to get back to it. I would dance with the Wii. I walked and walked before the temp could climb to triple digits. And then I joined boot camp. And now I love it. I almost threw up on that first day. But nothing can compare to that post work out high. Where I revel in the fact of the things I just made my made of putty body do. And I love that good sore body feeling as I stretch out in the morning. I don't make it look pretty nor can I preform at the level as the others taking the class. But each session gets better. I also continued working out in between. Walking. Just Dance II on the Wii. (It really is a workout. I promise. I start to sweat just thinking about "Proud Mary.") Then I thought you know maybe I should go for a run tonight.

The last time I went for a "run" was with my freshmen roomate Laudan in college. In college. Well I take that back, Adam and I did run around the Quad when we were first married and were getting pudgy off my cooking attempts. And I was kind of running on that no frills treadmill. Anyways, I went for a night run. I stuck my praise music in my ears and took off. I surprised by how well I did and how far I went. It was exhilarating. And I saw Him everywhere. In the stars. In the gardens of my neighbors. I felt Him in the cool breeze coming off the creek. In the mist of the sprinklers. And I took joy in the smells of fabric softeners working in peoples laundry and hamburgers on the grill. I prayed and prayed. And I emptied myself out with each pound on the pavement.

I decided that night runs are just about perfect. I will be engaging in them more.


Anonymous said...

I' so happy for you.

Mom said...

Maybe it'll be catchy?