Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Family Photos Attempt #1

Nana has been really excited about taking family pictures at the beach since they booked our
trip in the Spring. I know this is not unique to her as most grandmothers I know adore taking family pictures. As we have three little ones with us we planned on taking two sets of photos.
One in blue, for which Nana made all three little ones matching outfits for. And the other one set in white.We took these blue ones last night. I love some of the shots I got last night. So just skip this post if you are really tired of the obsessive picture taking that I have been posting at the beach :) Hopefully some of these pictures will become cherished family memories and hang on our walls for years to come!
I hope this doesn't embarrass them but the favorite pictures I took so far were these of my in laws, Sandra and Mike. I think I just love what it shows of their relationship and just the beauty and strength of it. I am glad my children have their genes. Plus I think my mother in law is beautiful! It makes me want to get my parents out on the beach and photograph them too!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of my precious family! You have a good eye for making great pictures. Thank you!
Love, MIL