Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Transportation

I am a nerd. I make Noah go to summer school and I am the teacher. I love watching him learn and discover and I love to make things with him. So every summer I plan activities focusing on some of his favorite things. We work on math, letters, and science activities. When we can we include a field trip. And of course special snacks. Its transportation week around here. This what we have been up to:
Tracing letters and transportation words.
Rolling cars through finger paint to make tire tracks.
Airplane sandwich at lunch.
Cars finger painting.
Noah takes this very seriously.
Traffic light snack. M and M's and frosting and crackers.
Fine motor skills :)

Traffic light mosaic.

Noah really enjoys our activities. He wakes up asking what we do today. We do most of it during Miller's morning nap. It gives us fun time together and reinforces what he has learned during the school year. It also keeps us from getting too bored and crazy! Stay tuned for next week... Farm Week!


Laudan said...

You are SO creative!! That is too cute, such a great idea :-)

Candice said...

Carrie, you have the most creative ideas that I may have to steal when Addison gets older. :) So cute!

HB said...

I have no words! This is SO awesome. You are SO SO creative. Wow. Can I come to fine motor skills class to have that special snack?