Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Devastation and Blessings

This is a picture from The Tuscaloosa News website. It shows a major intersection and neighborhood that is completely flattened. I am safe and sound. Laying on my couch watching cable in the safety of my untouched house. And I feel unworthy. Blessed and humbled. The boys and I were about six miles or so from this photo during the storm. We were deep and safe inside Adam's office in downtown Tuscaloosa. I cannot believe the devastation or the grace of God who kept my family safe. And my neighborhood....
All night as I saw the images of Tuscaloosa's devastation I picture these pictures taken last week on our sweet street with our sweet neighbors. As we were watching these darlings running in the sprinkler and eating watermelon, we kept saying..."this is the American Dream." I thank God for the ability to make more memories like these. And it breaks my heart for the neighborhoods and lives lost. I will be hugging everyone a little tighter. Laughing a little louder. Helping a little more. Reaching out farther. Living more abundantly.

I will be posting more info as I get it about relief efforts. Please say prayers for Tuscaloosa. Sections of my school district have been demolished. I will be finding out over the next few days about the extent of damage to my students' lives. I am absolutely praising God in this storm!

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