Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Things That Continue On Around Here

There continues to be sickness. I have strep and a sinus infection. But no sick days. Sorry kids. Lots of Lysol and hand sanitizer. Miller also made a trip to the doctor and his RSV has morphed perhaps into illness induced asthma. He has been put on Pulmincort twice a day through Easter. At that time they will make a diagnosis based on how he is doing. I am confident things will go well. Been there. Done that.

This one continues to boycott things at random. One day it is milk. The next day blueberries. Some days its a nap. I guess that is the beauty of being three.
This one continues to be good old Charlie. Loyal old Charlie.
This one continues to loves his feet and people as his number one sources of entertainment.
This one continues to baffle me. One minute an adorable funny little man. The next whiny throw down tantrums over taking off his shirt or giving him the wrong spoon for dinner. He has me perusing parenting books on EBay and PRAYING like crazy. I think we are going to start a rewards chart and prize jar for wise choices. Any other suggestions??
This one continues to be a happy sweet baby. Unless he's not. What a cutie. Really.
This one continues to be the MESSIEST eater EVER. This is after dinner with a bib. And I fed him carefully. I promise. I don't know how it got in his hair!The weather continues to be crazy here in Alabama. It has snowed or been icy more In the past three months than in the last five years! Today sunny and 50 degrees. Tomorrow afternoon it is freezing rain and then up to two inches of snow by midnight.

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