Friday, November 5, 2010

The Gratitude Posts- Day Five

Today I am grateful for my hair stylist.

Seems silly but I just love her. Not just because she does a good job but because she is a Christian. An on fire Christian who LOVES to talk! When I go in I feel like I get a makeover inside and out. She always starts by asking how I am doing. Really doing. And she really wants to know. We discuss life and faith. She says just what she thinks and I'm pretty sure she prays for me. I am always completely at ease in her chair. I can be totally honest about what I do and don't like. She is fun and creative. She wants to make me a redhead. We'll see about that. I am thankful for people like her that God puts in my life to show Himself to me.

Noah is thankful for mac and cheese.

How about you?

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Mom said...

I am thankful for long visits with friends over a good meal, which could possibly include mac and cheese, but probably doesn't.
I am also very thankful for the beautiful fall weather we have been having. It ALMOST makes me forget about the h-o-t summer.