Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Birthday

Tuesday was Noah's Third Birthday. And this will be the longest post in the history of my blog.

I cannot believe how fast three years have gone by. I went from the NICU to this amazing little boy in a blink of an eye. I feel like Adam and I grew with him. We went from sleeping in until noon on the weekends to knowing all the episodes of Diego and all the names of the Thomas trains and lines of Cars. I wouldn't trade a second of it. Well, if I'm being honest, which I try my hardest to do on the blog, I would trade the temper tantrums, whining and mood swings. But I wouldn't trade my Noah.

Noah at three years old:

Noah is curious. He loves to learn about things. He asks a million questions. His memory is amazing. He loves to be read to and to play using his imagination. He loves to be outside. He loves going to church and to school. He is social and an extrovert. He is full of energy. He is independent and wants to do things on his own in his own way. He is usually running somewhere, fast. He tries his hardest to delay bedtime as long as possible. But once asleep, he's good.

I love the way that he still needs his boo boos to be kissed. And that he must have a hug and kiss before bed. And on rare occasions he still wants me to "rock a song". I think all little ones are naturally selfish so I love the times when Noah shows his concern for others because I know it is genuine.

I would say that his favorite things are: Little Bear, fruity cheerios,vanilla wafers, cars, bath time, playing with Daddy or Brooke, cupcakes, reading stories, mac and cheese, making cookies with me, making stuff, finding garbage trucks and car transporters while we are driving.

This year:

I hope Noah continues to develop his mind and growing sweet spirit. I hope he continues to love going to church and committing verses to his amazing memory. I hope to show him more of God's love. I hope to celebrate him daily. I hope to figure out the best way to discipline Noah so that he learns to have a cheerful heart, respect his parents and those older than him, and that he treats everyone with kindness. I hope that our prayer time with Noah grows. I hope we can teach him to think about helping people inside and outside of our home. I hope we continue to foster in him a thirst for knowledge and reading. I hope I communicate how adored and treasured he is not only by me but by God.

To celebrate:

Noah woke up to a banner on his door, balloons on his chair, presents and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Then we drove to Mimi's so she could keep Miller. We took Noah and a date with mom and dad. We ate lunch at Sam's Super Sandwichs in Homewood.

Next we went to the zoo. Noah had no fear of the lions and Tigers. But the barn, it had scary animals in there. Noah spent most of the time out of the stroller and going full speed. It was hard to get him in pictures. The animals were suprisingly active. It was fun to see them do something else besides sleeping! We got to see feeding time with the lions. The "daddy" lion relieved himself on the wall. Noah loved this. He told everybody about it. The tiger came right up to the glass to talk to us.

We ate dinner with Nana, Puddin', Emy, Griffin, Xander, Mimi and Papa at New York Pizza.

We headed back to Mimi's for presents.

And delicious red cupcakes made from scratch by Mimi. (We had enough left over to share with Noah's class the next day! Thank you Mimi. She saved me from staying up late making some more!)

Noah was beat from being adored and spoiled all day. But I know he felt loved and fully celebrated!

Saturday we will continue the celebration with a Curious George Party. I love birthdays. I particularly love Noah's birthday and celebrating his life. He is joy. And it is contagious. Happy Birthday to my little man!

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