Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Two Month Old

Today Miller is two months old. He goes to the doctor Wednesday so I will have the typical stats then. But according to my very scientific weighing system he weighs about 10.5 lbs sometimes 11. He is outgrowing his Newborn sized clothing. Which really breaks my heart. He sleeps on average seven to eight hours. Usually somewhere from 9 to 5. He still prefers to be held nut he has increased the amount of time he spends in the swing and bouncy seat.

(This next part might be TMI for some but I want to remember it.) He nurses five to six times a day and gets one bottle. He takes about six ounces from the bottle and if I skip a feeding that is about how much I pump. Since I am going back to work and someday I'd like a date night... I am pumping twice a day to build up a good supply in the freezer. Only you can't freeze "thrush" milk and we can't get rid of the thrush. I get about 15 oz each day. Despite the many setbacks and challenges we have faced I am glad to still be nursing. I am a quitter. I quit everything when it gets hard. The basketball team. AP English. My major. Running. Exercise in general. So as tempted as I have been the past two months with Mastitis and Thrush I am thankful to be sticking it out. I am determined. I love the feeling of sitting in my green chair, closing the door on all the stress and activity of the world and spending forty minutes with me sweet cuddly baby. God often uses my children to teach me lessons about myself. And I am learning perseverance. Romans tells us that perseverance produces character. And character produces hope. And hope never disappoints. And while having nursing not work like a charm for me and Miller isn't the biggest trial I have or will face perhaps it is a good training ground for perseverance.( I have learned the importance of finishing a prescription even if your symptoms disappear.)

In honor of his two month birthday I thought I'd tell you two of his favorite things. Miller loves the frames and ribbon hanging above his changing table and Noah. He smiles at these things and coos. He is "talkative" and loves making noises.
Two of my favorite things about Miller this month are the developing interactions and how much Noah loves him!
Happy two months Miller! Mommy loves you!

Miller at two months:
Miller at one month.
Miller as a sweet newborn.


Laudan said...

He is so cute! I love his smile :-) I really am determined to see you guys this week! Ill email or call you. Talk to you soon!!

Laura said...

what a handsome little buddy he is!! i miss you tons. you've had a BIG two months since i last saw you!!

danajk said...

Can't believe how much he is growing!

Emily said...

Does it just make you sick to throw that milk away???? AH!