Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Parental Involvement

As a teacher I believe that parental involvement is a huge key to a student's success. I think I owe a lot to my parents and the effort the made with me. They read to me a lot and exposed me to culture and reinforced school activities. I think for some kids parental involvement and
encouragement can take average performance to above average. I started early with Noah by reading to him lots, working with letters and doing crafts with him. It gives us something fun and constructive to fill time with. This fall I have continued to check out books that match his school'stopic of the week and do a craft on topic or for the letter. Noah looks forward to crafting and he'll remind me if I have told him about it in advance and don't get to it. I wanted to record and share some of the things we've done this fall so far. And you'll get to see why I was so scared of the Early Ed Art Class. Enough to change my major. (Just kidding Mom and Dad)

This is our fall tree for Everything Fall Week. We went on a walk to find leaves. Then we did rubbing of the leaves and cut them out. Then we glued them on a paper towel roll colored brown. ( I got this idea from No Time For Flashcards)
These are apple prints also from Everything Fall Week.
This is Green G with Grass, letter of the week.
This is a police badge from Community Helpers Week.
This is a lint gerbil from Pet Week. I know you could totally tell without me telling you ;) (I got this idea from Everything Preschool).
Coffee Grounds (Grinds, how do you say that?) Bear, Bear Week (Also from Everything Preschool) Noah really went to town on this one!
I hope that coloring and gluing things with me is one of Noah's favorite memories, they are some of mine.

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