Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Only Child

Noah has been an only child and reveling in all that that means. He enjoys our undivided attention and delight. Our energies and efforts have been poured out on him for close to three years. All of reading on Parenthood and advice seeking and prayers have been with Noah's unique personality in mind. He has had both of us actively involved in all of his daily routines. He is a tab bit spoiled. We believe that a younger brother will be a fantastic change for Noah and that he will adjust to sharing the spotlight and benefit from it. But we will miss our only child and all the time we have been able to spend watching him grow and develop. Noah has truly been a delight to the both of us. It is hard to imagine that love multiplying when Miller is born. We wanted to celebrate the time we have left with Noah, so a couple of weeks ago we set aside a Saturday to spend time with just Noah doing some of his favorite things. We had plans to go to the McWane Center, eat pizza at New York Pizza in Edgewood, and top it off with some ice cream. On our way we blew a tire. So Adam changed it on the side of 20/59 in triple digit weather. Noah thought this was possibly the coolest thing ever, being obsessed with Cars. It set us back a little bit. We took a detour to Mimi's house and Adam took the car in to have the tire patched. We were thankful for the timing. Much better to have to change a tire on the way to the McWane Center than to St. Vincent's Hospital. We did make it to McWane Center. Noah had a blast and his favorite thing was the fish and shark and ray tank. We visited it more than once. I think Adam had has much fun as Noah did. We did eat yummy pizza but skipped the ice cream since it was getting late and we need to get back to T-town. We were thankful for the time to spend with Noah as his days as an only child dwindle.

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