Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Celebration

I had so much fun celebrating Adam on his birthday! He totally deserves the fuss but I know he doesn't like too much fuss! The day before his birthday Noah and I got Adam some balloons and made strawberry cupcakes. It is hard to keep a secret when your partner is a two year old! He managed to keep the balloons a secret but not the cupcakes. I made him a little birthday banner with my new cricut. I also made cards with my cricut numbered 1-30. I wrote thirty things I love about Adam and hid them all over the house and gave them to him throughout the day. We hired Noah's first babysitter. (Up until this time he stayed with family or Parent's Night Out at church. We don't have much of a social life :) ) Brandi, my intern (former intern that is) came and kept him. He was in heaven, I think he has a little crush! We went to Wentzell's Oyster Bar and sat by the river. I hope Adam had has much fun as I did!

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