Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Big 3-0

On Wednesday Adam is turning thirty! I have been thinking of ways to celebrate him since January. He is a hard one. He is humble and doesn't like for a fuss to be made over him. He diverts praise and compliments. So I decided on little surprises and small celebrations would be best. On Saturday we started celebrating. We started the day with a yummy breakfast with sweet friends from church. At lunch we met up with one of Adam's lifelong friends and his family. And then we finished the night with a family get together.I think I might have enjoyed the day as much or more than he did! I believe birthdays are best when they are stretched over several days. So watch out Adam for what else I have up my sleeves :) I love you so much Adam and thank God for your thirty years!

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Anonymous said...

We love and adore you! I can't believe you are 30! It just seems like yesterday we brought you home on that beautiful May day. I can still see your little body curled up on your stomach in the playpen in front of the window. Love, Mom