Friday, April 23, 2010

The Perfect Friday Night

I have been feeling pretty yucky for the past couple of days. I've been throwing up again which really stinks. Its been weeks since I threw up (nasty stomach virus aside). Today was one of those days that you count the minutes until you can go home and crawl back into bed.

Its hard to crawl back into bed when you have a two year old no matter how amazing your husband is. I took a brief nap and felt better enough to take my book to the couch and play cars with Noah.

It had started to rain and thunder a bit. Noah climbed up into my lap.

"What's that mommy? It scared me. "

"It's just thunder. Noise in the sky. You don't need to be scared, Mommy is here and Jesus and God are always with you."

"He's there and there and there."

And he was satisfied and continued to run around in his t -shirt and diaper being adorable. Adam came home with pizza. The thunder had really picked up.

"I'm not scared of it. Jesus is here."

Adam asked him, "Where is Jesus Noah?"

"In my heart."

That is the prayer of my heart. I laid back on the couch after pizza and I watched Noah jump on and off the couch with his cars, I felt his little brother moving around inside of me, and looked on as Adam picked up toys and played with Noah. Tears welled up in my eyes. This is just perfect. Nausea, stress, work, money, worries, chores all fade away. My little family in my little house while a storm rages outside. We are safe and happy loving each other and God on this perfect Friday night, a little girl's dream come true.


Mom said...

Sweet story!
Jesus is indeed "there and there and there!"
Sometimes prayers sound and look different then we plan :-)

Anonymous said...

How precious! It just takes the faith like a child to believe in Jesus. Thank you Buddy for reminding us how close He is to us all the time!