Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Blood Pressure

This past Friday was the start of my Spring Break. Adam and I had plans to take Noah to Parents Night Out and enjoy a date night. When I was getting ready I noticed my feet were pretty swollen. It made me a little nervous. Seventeen weeks is a little early for swelling. Most people know I almost died giving birth to Noah.... apparently I use that story a little too often, and he isn't even a teenager yet :) I had complications with my blood pressure late in my pregnancy causing me to go on bedrest and then to deliver early. Anti-stroke out medicine and induction medicine don't make the best mix for labor. They work against eachother and kept me in a fog. They kept me alive and Noah too so I don't complain too much about it. But swollen feet and face were part of the first warning signs there was a problem. So Friday night I was a nervous about my feet and hands. After a fun dinner we went to a drug store to check on my blood pressure. It wasn't pretty. And I got really scared. My dad did manage to calm me down and said it wasn't so high and the bottom number was not in a dangerous range. It makes me really nervous to start the swelling and variable blood pressure game so soon. I really want carry Miller to term. For many obvious reasons. I also want to spend every minute I can playing with Noah while it just the two of us. My dad is not at all worried. I am drinking lots of fluids and watching my salt. I am trying to rest when I can. I borrowed my Dad's blood pressure machine for a couple of weeks. I get Adam to take it at different times to watch it. I see my doctor in two weeks and I am sure she will reassure me too. Meantime I am just praying that I can let go of worry and that my face, hands, and feet will return to normal.


danajk said...

I am so sorry about your swelling! My feet were hideous with Jessa. And trying to rest is SO hard with a toddler that you want to soak up your last few months of only child time with! I love it that you have your Dad's machine! Two weeks before Jessa was born was my 10 year high school reuniuon. I was on bed rest, but my doctor said I could go for 1 hour. I had to wear black, satin isotoner slippers because I could not fit into shoes! AND David carried my mom's portable blood pressure machine around all night - checking it constantly! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this is a fluke and that you will have a long and healthy rest of your pregnancy, OK?
Thinking of you!

Kerri said...

You pray for me, I pray for you. Deal??