Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Baby ...

... has a name. Or names actually. Since we do not know whether Baby is a boy or a girl.

The Tradition: Adam and I decided with Noah that we wanted our children to have a family name and a Biblical name. We wanted to pick names that had meaning in many ways. Noah is our Biblical name meaning comfort and rest and Christopher is Adam's middle name. And we have followed suit with number two.

The Names:
Girl- Miller Elizabeth
Boy- Miller Samuel

The Explanation:

Miller- My Granny's maiden name was Miller. I grew up around the Miller Sisters and going to Miller reunions. She has always been dear to my heart and I wanted to do this to honor her memory and love. Her death and Baby's conception were so very close, they may have already crossed paths in Heaven.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth is our Biblical name. It means consecrated by God. She has such a great story in the Bible as a comforter to Mary and vessel for the Message of Christ. Elizabeth also has family connections. Between my Emily and me my mom had a second trimester miscarriage... Elizabeth. Elizabeth is also Adam's sister's (Robin) middle name.

Samuel - Samuel is our Biblical boy name. I have always loved Samuel and in my my teenage prayer journal you would read several entries about Hannah's prayer and answer to prayer as I at a young age prayed for my unborn children. Samuel also came to know God at a young age and listened and followed His will even when it didn't makes sense always.

Both children will be called Miller. But I call Noah "Noah Christopher" all the time. Trying to get his attention, so I'm sure both names will be utilized. So there you have it. Baby's name.


Caroline said...

Love, Love, Love it. Now all we need to know is whether to monogram in pink or blue :)

Kerri said...

Um, yeah, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!!

Laudan said...

I love those!! So cute!!! I cant wait to see which it will be :-)

Jana said...

yay for names!! miller doesn't surprise me . . i've heard you talk about using that name (one day) for so long :) love the names. love the meanings behind them. love the little one growing inside of you. love the mama carrying her (i mean . . it) :)